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Your favourite online accounting software provides us with tidy numbers, so we can provide you with a fast and fixed-price service, by fully qualified online accountants.

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Do you want to pay the minimum amount of tax? Also, would you like to pay less online accountants fees? Plus, you’d probably like to receive your annual accounts and tax returns sooner?

CloudBook Online Accountants use cloud technology because it provides you with an efficient service throughout the year, saves you online accountants fees, and gives you a better service.


Choose a package that’s ideal for you now, together with any add-ons as required. Then if at any time you need to up or downgrade packages, or change add-ons – that’s no problem at all.

So you can do as little or as much of your accounting as the time suits. Therefore, helping you look after your own business when you’re busy, and your bottom line when you’re not.


You can choose the online accounting software that’s best for you, so you find it easier and quicker to do your bookkeeping.

During the year we can log-in to check everything is accurate and give you tax saving advice. As a result, your year-end accounts are easier and quicker to do and most importantly, you get accounts and your tax bill soon after your year-end.


CloudBook online accountants work from home, therefore our costs are low. Also, we use cloud technology to do everything, so we can waste less time getting the job done.

As a result, we can offer fixed low monthly fees which you can see below or calculate yourself now using our instant online accountants fee calculator.

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As Easy As Pi

You're just 3.14 steps away from a better online accountants service...

1. Choose your favourite online accounting software

Or carry on using your current online accounting software.

We don’t make you use any particular online accounting software because each of you have unique preferences. Also, we don’t have our own software to try to make fit with every client. Why would we when there are so many great options to choose from? Including the free Wave Accounting and the popular and ‘beautiful’ Xero Accounting. So you can choose the software that’s best for you.

2. Choose your Accounts Package

Click on the type of business you are, that is to say whether you are in business as a limited company, as a group of individuals, or as an individual (sole trader). After that, you can see at a glance our online accountant packages priced for you. For instance, our Company Annual package is £40 per month plus VAT. 


The basic ANNUAL package is ideal for businesses who already use online accounting and just need the minimum service from a fully qualified, experienced accountant.

This package includes the essentials required by straightforward businesses. Which is accounts, tax returns, routine forms, and just enough advice for experienced business owners to answer the occasional question.


Our ANNUAL+ online accountant service adds some recommended essentials onto the Annual package. So as well as accounts, tax returns, and forms, we include regular reviews of your online accounts, and unlimited advice throughout the year. Additionally, we help you get started and use online accounting software. The Annual+ package allows us to be proactive online accountants.


Together with everything included in the ANNUAL+ package, the QUARTERLY online accountant service includes our VAT return service. Also, we provide you with quarterly management accounts packs. So let us worry about getting your VAT right, and our online accountants will give you a full quarterly insight into how the business is doing.


As well as all the benefits of our ANNUAL+ and QUARTERLY packages, our MONTHLY online accountant service includes online bookkeeping. Also, we provide a monthly management accounts pack. Just provide your records, then use our monthly reports to help run your business. Let CloudBook Online Accountants give you more time for business.


3. Choose your add-on services

We don’t think you should pay for services you don’t need. As a result, we don’t include the following services in our main online accountant packages. But you can easily add or remove the add-ons, as and when required for a little extra. 


With our fixed fee online payroll services, you get a complete payslip, payroll tax, and RTI service. We provide everything you need to calculate how much to pay your employees, and how much payroll tax to pay to HMRC. Our online payroll services also prepare and send all the necessary forms to you, your staff, and HMRC.

£10/mth per 4 payslips per month

Workplace Pension

We offer a fixed fee Workplace Pension Service as an add-on to our fixed fee Payroll Services. This includes adding/removing employees, providing letters, and calculating and submitting monthly contributions. We can also set up the pension for you, ensuring that you comply with the new requirements.

£10/mth per 4 employees per month

Extra Tax Return

We provide low-cost, fixed fee, online tax services for individuals, or businesses who have prepared their own accounts. We also help you to pay less tax by reviewing your position annually, checking that all reliefs are being claimed, and that you pay the lowest rates of tax possible.

From £50/yr


3.14. Sign up online

All we need to start the easy signup process is just your:

  1. Starting package and add-ons
  2. Whether you’re a company, sole trader, or partnership
  3. Name and address (or full company name)
  4. Email address.

You can submit just those details on our Signup Form or using the Contact Form below. Then we’ll let you know as and when we need any other details, and we’ll contact your current accountant for you if applicable.

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