About Essex Accountants

Online Essex Accountants – Saving You Fees & Tax

CloudBook provide an online and Essex accountants service. We give you the best of both a low-cost proactive online accountants, and an easily contactable friendly qualified accountant in Essex.

Qualified & Experienced

We are a fully qualified firm of chartered accountants, run by a fellow member of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants with many years experience of helping small & medium sized businesses. You can trust us to give you an efficient and professional service at all times.

The CloudBook Essex Accountants office is run by the experienced chartered accountant Mark Ball, who provides accounting services to Essex businesses.

Online Accountants

Why ‘CloudBook’?

Firstly, we are cloud-based accountants which means we do everything securely online, making our service to you efficient and keeping our overheads and fees low. However, we are easily contactable by phone, email, Skype or even to meet if you’re local to Essex.

Secondly, we do accounts exclusively for businesses who want to use online accounting, or would like us to use it for them. There are so many benefits of using online accounting, there is whole page to explain most of them here. We have also compared what we think are the best online accounting packages, from the free Wave Accounting, to the versatile and popular Xero Accounting, there will be one to suit you.

Online Accountants

How can we provide fixed fee accounts quotes without knowing you?

One of the many benefits of online accounting is that we work with you: from the start; throughout the year; and at the year end. Together we’ll keep your books and monthly accounts accurate, so when it comes to doing your year end accounts we know everything will be tidy. Then we just have to do the tricky parts, and save you tax, all for a fixed fee.

We can also do all of your bookkeeping for you, for a little extra per month. We do this using online accounting so you can still log-in at anytime to run the instant reports you need. Leaving you with more time to concentrate on your business, leisure, or pleasure! See our MONTHLY package for more details.