CloudBook Accountants are BeanBalance accountants. BeanBalance is free online accounting software that you can use to do your bookkeeping and more. Do you use BeanBalance and need an accountant to do your accounts and tax returns? CloudBook Accountants can use BeanBalance to do those for you.

Why do I need an accountant for BeanBalance?

Free online accounting software like BeanBalance and Wave are great at helping you do your bookkeeping. If you know what you’re doing you may even be able to use BeanBalance to do your VAT and Payroll. Otherwise, you will need an accountant to check your VAT and Payroll before submitting to HMRC. You will definitely, despite what BeanBalance suggest, need an accountant to produce the reports required that comply with the latest laws and regulations (e.g. accounts, tax returns). Then submit the necessary reports to HMRC and if applicable Companies House. CloudBook Accountants can use BeanBalance to do your bookkeeping, accounts, tax returns, payroll and VAT returns.

What does BeanBalance do for me if I still need an accountant?

At CloudBook we do everything for you at low monthly fixed fees. Other accountants can be expensive, so the more you do, the less an accountant does, so the less you pay. BeanBalance helps you do better bookkeeping and more, which saves your accountant time and you money. Here are some of the things BeanBalance will save you from using an accountant:

  • Bank statement imports – saves you from entering bank transactions
  • Categorising expenses – made easy and the software learns to auto-suggest
  • Invoicing – including customising, sending, repeating and chasing
  • Expense claims – keeping track of what you’re owed from the business
  • VAT – calculating what needs to be submitted on the HMRC website
  • Payroll – calculating deductions, producing payslips, submitting RTI to HMRC
  • Reporting – essential reports to see how the business is doing
  • Tax – estimating what you will need to pay

How do BeanBalance Accountants work with you?

At the time of writing, BeanBalance were still developing their software to enable you to give other users access to your BeanBalance account. In the meantime, you can either export just a few reports that we’ll need to convert your BeanBalance data into accounts etc. Or you can share your login details with us which will be kept securely and doesn’t give any access to bank details.

So if you use or like the look of BeanBalance Accounting Software, you don’t have to use the services linked to it. You can use CloudBook Accountants who use BeanBalance. As BeanBalance Accountants we’ll help you get the most from the software and keep your accountant’s fees at low fixed monthly amounts.