Accountants Fees Calculator

Accountants Fees Calculator – Catch-up fees

Are you are a small business* with tidy computerised or spreadsheet records? If so, we will charge the monthly accountants fees shown on our other form: instant accountants fees for ongoing accounts, for every month of trading your accounts need to cover.

If completely necessary, we may need to charge you more per month initially, or a one-off fee to ‘catch-up’ with your accounts. For example, we may need to ask for double the normal fees shown on the above form for the first six months, or for a full year up front. You can use the following form to calculate our accountants fees for past accounts (a one-off fee).

These accountants fees include one ‘owner’ tax return, and if applicable one partnership return or one company tax return. These accountants fees exclude VAT.

For tax only accountants fees, see our instant accountants fees for tax returns.

*We class small businesses to have approximately less than 100 bookkeeping transactions per month on average.

* Required

How can we provide fixed accountants fees without knowing you?

Apart from being so easy to use and keep up to date, one of the many benefits of online accounting such as the free Wave Accounting, is that we work with you: from the start; throughout the year; and at the year end. Together, we’ll keep your bookkeeping and monthly accounts accurate, so when it comes to doing your year end accounts we know everything will be tidy. Then we just have to do the tricky parts and save you tax, but all within a few weeks of you finishing your bookkeeping up to your year end. However, even if you don’t use online accounting yet, if your spreadsheets are tidy or you have very few transactions, we can still offer a fixed fee service using the calculator above. Or see how little we charge on an ongoing basis by seeing our fixed accountants fees.

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