Accounting Fees Calculator

Accounting Fees Calculator

Use this accounting fees calculator to calculate our fixed monthly accountancy fees for our online accounting services. Our accounting fees calculator covers all of our online accounting services. So it includes at least Annual Accounting, Tax Returns and regular Reviews of your online accounting. Optionally, our services can also include Payroll, VAT Returns, Management Accounting, Bookkeeping and Auto Enrolment services.  For more details of what’s included in our accounting fees, see our Online Accounting Services page. These accounting fees exclude VAT.

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Tax only fixed fees calculator

For a tax only fixed fees calculator, see our tax return accounting fees.

Low fixed accounting fees from the start

We start charging you the low fixed fees quoted above after you sign up and start receiving our services. You only pay for the services you receive. So if and when you decide to leave us, we work out how many months services you have received. Then we compare that to how many months you have paid for. As a result, there may be a few months to charge or a few months to refund you. For example, if we do your annual company accounts and tax return, that’s 12 months worth of our fees. If you then leave after only paying for 8 months, you owe us 4 months. Or if you leave after paying for 14 months, we owe you 2 months.

Size doesn’t matter?

You get the same service whether you are small or not so small – we love helping you all. So you should all pay the same accounting fees. Our accounting fees are fixed regardless of size, except if you want us to do your bookkeeping too. The only conditions are that you don’t need an audit, you are using online accounting software, and you do your bookkeeping well. If you provide good bookkeeping records, why should you pay more just because you are larger?

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Our accounting fees include bookkeeping if you choose our Monthly Bookkeeping package. These accounting fees are based on the average number of bookkeeping transactions per month. Starting at a minimum of £30 per month for about 50 transactions, our accounting fees increase by as little as 30 pence per transaction. A transaction is an entry on your bookkeeping software, so a sales invoice, a bank receipt, and a purchase payment are each a single transaction.

How can we provide fixed accounting fees without knowing you?

One of the many benefits of online accounting, such as the free Wave Accounting, is that we work with you. That’s from the start, throughout the year, at the year end, and after the year end. Together we’ll keep your books and monthly accounts accurate. So when it comes to doing your year end accounts we know everything will be tidy. Then we just have to do the tricky parts and save you tax, all for low fixed accounting fees.