Online Payroll Services

With our fixed fee online payroll services, you get a complete payslip, payroll tax, and RTI service. We provide everything you need to calculate how much to pay your employees, and how much payroll tax to pay to HMRC. Our online payroll services also prepare and send all the necessary forms to you, your staff, and HMRC.

Included In Our Online Payroll Services

  • RTI submissions for all payroll reports required by HMRC
  • Payslips/paycheck emailed to employer and/or employee
  • All the payroll reports you need to help with payments and accounting
  • Starter and leaver form administration
  • Annual forms and administration
  • No additional payroll software fees
  • Our fees exclude VAT
  • We cannot pay your payroll tax to HMRC
  • We cannot pay wages to your staff

Our Fees For Online Payroll Services


  • £10pcm
  • 4 Payslips pcm
  • 4 Starters & Leavers pa
  • 8 Employees pa

  • £20pcm
  • 8 Payslips pcm
  • 8 Starters & Leavers pa
  • 16 Employees pa
  • PAYROLL 12

  • £30pcm
  • 12 Payslips pcm
  • 12 Starters & Leavers pa
  • 24 Employees pa
  • PAYROLL 16

  • £40pcm
  • 16 Payslips pcm
  • 16 Starters & Leavers pa
  • 32 Employees pa

How Our Online Payroll Services Work

Once set up, all you need to do is let us know how much to pay everyone, or what if anything has changed, then we’ll do the rest. We’ll upload all of the reports to a secure online portal for you to collect, and use to pay your staff and HMRC. Payslips can be emailed directly to employees, saving you the bother. Just let us know if anyone has left, and give us all the details of anyone new, then we’ll do all the forms for HMRC.

We can take over your payroll part way through the tax year. However, we’ll need to charge you for a full 12 months of payroll services. That’s because we’ll need to get everything up to date so that our reports agree to HMRC’s RTI records.